About DHV

Dark Horse Vintage carries a range of  modern vintage-inspired collections as well as a range of true vintage apparels including vintage accessories that are unique, quirky & one-of- a-kind.


DHV Collection

The collection is proudly designed in Singapore and carries the Made-in-Singapore label.

Taking a lift from classical cuts and silhouette including beautiful and interesting detailing, the collection is a combination of old school charm & feminine style meet a modern girl who goes for bold & trendy, comfort & practical style to meet her fun social lifestyle. 


True Vintage

DHV stock a wide range of true vintage pieces ranging from one-off pieces apparel from 1960s sundresses to flamboyant Flower Power maxis from the 1970s and vintage accessories such as leather handbags & purses, quirky earrings and oversized sunglasses to top-off vintage styling.

Vintage items are handpicked and curated for its distinctive style, quality and detailing as well as its pristine condition.

All of our unique vintage pieces are eye catching and adds a touch of personality and uniqueness to its stylish owner.

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